Professional firm of trained Security Drivers

About Us

Security Drivers International Ltd, founded in 1995, is a British owned and managed family business with the original founder, John English, still active in the daily operations of the company.

SDI Ltd has been at the forefront of innovation in minimising the risks associated with Mobile Security Escorts of High Value Assets since its inception and are acknowledged as experts within this sphere.

Having professional former Police Security Drivers, Specialist Vehicles, state of the art tracking systems which go beyond just providing the vehicles location, and covert video cameras fitted to our vehicles, all help reduce the risk of loss during the move.

The Most Qualified Drivers

Our Security Drivers are members of the Institute of Advanced Motorists and have all attained Class One Police Advanced Driving and VIP Anti Hijack course status; in addition, our MD has full EPIC member accreditation. (Ex-Police in Industry and Commerce)

They have worked together as a team over many years within the British Police Service not only as Royalty and Dignitary Protection officers, but as Police Advanced Driving Instructors and Traffic Patrol Officers. Their driving skills and qualifications are arguably among the highest attainable.

Covert Tracking Systems

When requested, we can deploy covert tracking systems for assets and personnel which will provide their exact location anywhere in the world. These are provided by our strategic partner, Hidden Technology Systems International Ltd and are available to hire from us from a day to a year.

Our camera systems are supplied and maintained by Persides Technology Ltd, inventors of VEEcam.

Other Services

Our Driving Instructors provide bespoke courses for those persons wishing to make a career in chauffeuring and for those who require a higher degree of driving skills in their employment.

Franchise Opportunities

We are searching for suitably qualified people to operate our Franchises throughout the UK and invite you to contact us for further information. Many of our clients are willing to provide references to businesses operating in a similar sector to themselves, on our abilities to carry out our tasks. Read more on our franchise page.

Further information on all our services can be found on this website or by contacting us by your preferred method.