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Military grade tracking & security cases

Security Products

Security Drivers International Ltd have partnered with award-winning firms HiddenTec and Caseva to offer you exclusive deals as an additional security option to our valued customers.

Military Grade Tracking Units for Hire

Hidden Technology Systems International Ltd (HTSI) is a specialist developer and manufacturer of professional covert tracking systems, surveillance devices and other intelligence-gathering security products used by over 40 law enforcement agencies, military and government security agencies worldwide.

Hidden Technology's Mini Portable (MP) is a small personal protection emergency GPS tracking unit that, when activated, will send email alerts and display the exact location of the individual or pre-programmed event on a laptop, smartphone or even using a web-based platform using any web-enabled computer in the world.

Using Hidden Technology's advanced, custom-built tracking software, users are able to pre-program criteria that will result in an emergency alarm without any involvement from personnel on the ground. If, for example, an individual travels to an unassigned area, an alert can automatically be generated and sent to an unlimited number of recipients. The unit also has a panic button facility which, if activated, will instantly alert your monitoring team who will receive your exact location shown on detailed mapping via any smartphone.

Security Drivers International can exclusively offer this as an additional security option to our valued customers. For more information & to arrange for a quote contact us on 020 7863 7532.




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Security Cases by Caseva

Caseva have been manufacturing portable security products since 1997, developing a wide range of high specification security products, all designed and manufactured in the UK.

Their product range includes secure, portable security briefcases; covert security containers; leather coated security briefcases and attaché cases; portable vehicle safes and firearms cases.

All Caseva Security products are designed to the highest standards and feature accredited locking systems. They also come supplied with plastic coated steel security tethers enabling the user to secure to a fixed anchor point inside a vehicle/hotel room to combat opportunist theft.

Caseva security products are supplied to many of the UK Police Forces, Government bodies and security services as well as other public and private sector clients.

Caseva products protect top secret, confidential and sensitive documents and files, technology such as laptops, tablets and iPads, valuables, cash, passports and all manor of paperwork or operational equipment.


Why choose Caseva?

  • Portfolio of proven, portable security products
  • Expertise in materials, design and manufacturing
  • Trusted by public and private sector clientele since 1997
  • Leaders in portable security, locking mechanisms and purpose built security products
  • Wide range of standard, bespoke & customised solutions
  • Manufacturing capabilities in a range of materials (metal, plastic, composite)
  • Unique multipoint locking mechanism for maximum security with no compromise for portability
  • High specification locks, keys and steel tethers supplied
  • Bespoke interiors, leather and customised finishes

Special offer for SDI customers

Security Drivers International Ltd have been using Caseva products since 2001 and we are now pleased to be able to offer a discount of 10% off their current prices to anyone quoting "SDI LTD" when placing an order direct with Caseva.

Existing customers of SDI can obtain a further discount by contacting us by email.

Want to know more?

Find out more about Caseva and their wide range of security cases by visiting