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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

'Technical Counter Surveillance Measures' primarily involve sweeping an area or vehicle to seek out and remove any unwanted electronic surveillance devices.

At SDI, we regularly sweep our own vehicles and office locations for all types of listening, tracking and video devices in order to offer our clients peace of mind when using our services.

Available to you

TSCM is a vital discipline within your security portfolio and is now available to you directly from Security Driver International's in-house team.

Is someone listening?

For many companies and individuals, the thought of being spied on or bugged through electronic surveillance seems a little far-fetched. The facts however show a very different story, with thousands of companies and individuals being affected each year by illegally fitted electronic surveillance devices.

Listening Bugs and Threats

It is very easy to purchase a wide range of listening and spying devices from electronic shops, or from internet suppliers by post.

These devices include:

  • Simple AM or FM transmitters
  • Frequency-hopping transmitters which constantly change frequency
  • GSM transmitters – they work like a mobile phone
  • Remote control transmitters – these can be switched on and off remotely
  • Burst transmitters – they record and then transmit for only a few seconds
  • Video transmitters
  • Vehicle trackers and vehicle listening bugs

Bugs can be hidden in:

  • Pens and desk items
  • Electrical equipment
  • Sockets and outlets
  • Switches and lights
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Cavities
  • Walls and partitioning
  • Pictures and screens
  • Under the floor / carpets
  • Vehicles

Become a franchisee

Full electronic sweeps from 10hz to 12ghz


With the exception of the simple transmitter, only specialist equipment can reliably detect and locate the remainder.

Our counter surveillance team sweeps all areas up to 12GHz for ALL types of listening and video devices operating on ALL variations and levels of technology.

They use a range of equipment, including:

  • Near field and far field spectrum signal analysis equipment (12ghz)
  • Non-linear junction detectors (3.6 ghz deep probing signal)
  • GSM dedicated detectors and locators
  • Near field radio transmission locators
  • Video and camera detectors and locators
  • Signal audio and modulation analyser
  • Series of low and high frequency detection antennas

Have you considered any of the following?

The threat posed by competitors, disgruntled employees, ex-employees, opportunists, overseas governments, criminal gangs or activists that are driven by financial gain, ideology, threat or revenge?

The efforts to which they will go to in order to achieve their aim is only limited by the value of the information they can obtain - risk versus reward! What is going on in your business or personal life that could be of value to others and have you done everything possible to protect it?

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